Flint Hills Sheepadoodles

We are a boutique sheepadoodle breeder in the heart of the Kansas Flint Hills. Our puppies are lovingly home bred as part of our family. We fell in love with sheepadoodles a few years ago because they are fun, loving, and great family pets. And we know you will love having one of these great dogs as part of your family too!

Molly had a litter on January 25, 2024!

3 Females & 3 Males - pictures below.

The top picture is of the 3 boys and the bottom picture is of the 3 girls.

Text us at 785-466-1060 for more information.

Molly as a puppy

Sheepadoodle Puppies For Sale

Molly - Our Sheepadoodle Dam
Sire - Beau
Sire - Beau
Is a Sheepadoodle Right for You?

Sheepadoodle Breed Info

Sheepadoodles are a mix of Old English Sheepdog and Poodle.

They are gentle, smart, fun loving, and hypo-allergenic and make great family dogs. 

The mix: Poodles are #2 in intelligence in the dog world.  They are alert, loyal, trainable, active, instinctual and typically bond quickly with family members.

Old English Sheepdogs are lively with a good personality, affectionate, easygoing and lovable.

They are bouncy, cheerful, loyal, energetic, playful and great with children and other pets.


The appearance of your sheepadoodle puppy can vary from a very curly coat to a straighter coat.

They also show up as black and white or mostly one or the other color.

Some are multi-colored depending on their parents.


We are breeding a dam sheepadoodle (50%/50% mix of Old English Sheepdog/Poodle) with a 100% Poodle sire.

These pups will be 75% Poodle and may have curlier hair and different coloring than our sweet Molly.

The expected size of these pups is somewhere in the 10-18 pound range.

These are considered Fb1 Micro-Mini Sheepadoodles.


Sheepadoodles as a whole are easy-going, energetic, and smart.

They tend to get the best of both breeds.

Old English Sheepdogs are known for their sweet dispositions and Poodles are known for their intelligence.

Sheepadoodle FAQ's

Mini sheepadoodles range from 20-40 pounds depending on the size of their parents.


F1b micro-mini sheepadoodles are under 20 pounds. One parent is a mini sheepadoodle bred with a small poodle.


We are a boutique breeder that enjoys a close relationship with our veterinarian. Our puppies are born and raised in our home and are part of our family until they become part of yours.  Our puppies are visited by a vet twice a week throughout their time with us.


We maintain an adoption list for all our litters. Your first step is to place a non-refundable deposit of $400 which gets you a slot on our current list. When the litter arrives you will be able to make your selection when they are 6-weeks old.

Choosing a puppy is based on a first come-first served basis so if you don’t get a pup from this litter your name will be moved to the next available list.

Our Adoption Application page has all the details of how to place a deposit and get on our adoption list.


Sheepadoodle Adoption Information

Getting Ready for Your New Puppy

Before picking up your new puppy here is a list of items you should have ready:

  • Water & Food Bowls
  • Puppy Food
  • Leash & Collar
  • Crate
  • Puppy Chew Toys
  • Puppy Shampoo

Adoption Day Supplies

Here are the things to make sure you pack for adoption day pick up:

  • Food & Water if you are driving over an hour
  • Leash & Collar
  • Payment (cash or money order)
  • Some Towels
  • Crate (if you are driving alone)

Your Puppy’s Car Ride Home

When you pick up your puppy you will also receive a puppy care packet that includes: information packet on breeding and vet care records, a receiving blanket that smells familiar, and a small packet of puppy chow we’ve been feeding and a few special treats.

This will be your puppy’s first extended car ride so bring some towels in case they get car sick. Most puppy’s grow out of this, especially if you take them often for car rides.

If you are traveling far make sure you stop often to allow your pup to have potty breaks, play breaks, and meal breaks.

Your First Few Weeks Together

Your First Night Together

Remember your pup has a small bladder so don’t feed or water them close to bedtime. Take them out to potty right before going to bed, and be prepared to get up for the next few weeks to take your pup out during the night as needed. (Dogs can be fully house trained at about 4 months.)

Take your pup to the same spot to potty to train them that this is the spot to go.

If you crate your pup put their crate near your bed so they don’t feel so alone.  Puppies as well as grown dogs do not normally potty in their crate, they have a natural instinct to keep their den clean. Use a crate that is appropriately sized for your puppy; a crate that is too large is not a good idea when training a puppy, they may choose to use a back corner rather than wait.

Your First Week

Your pup is going through a big transition so they might be sad for a while. Be patient as they transition. To help them adjust give them lots of cuddles and kisses and spend time playing with them.  You will become their best friend soon.

Sometimes their tummy gets upset, so if they have loose stools take them out more often than normal as they go through this process.  It is best to use the same puppy food that we have been feeding and when you want to change mix in the new a little at a time gradually increasing the amount of the new food.

Socializing Your Pup

Spending time playing and cuddling with you is great but be sure to expose your pup to other people and dogs. Take them out for walks where they can meet and greet other people and kids. (NOTE: Do not take your pup to dog parks, pet stores, or places where there may be other unvaccinated dogs until your pup is fully vaccinated.)

Vet Care

Have your puppy checked by your vet within 3 days of picking them up. (As per outlined in our Health Guarantee.)

New Puppy Training Tips

Here are some helpful videos on the topic of training your new pup from Zac George and Cesar Millan.

What is a Sheepadoodle?

A Sheepadoodle is a crossbreed dog. This means that it’s produced from the breeding of two different purebred dogs, or one purebred and one mixed breed dog.

Sheepadoodles are a mix between a Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog.

Poodle mixes are becoming more and more popular.

If you’re looking for a funny, smart dog that is great with kids, check out the Sheepadoodle!

Or if you’re looking for a unique dog, or if you just want a really cute dog (and who doesn’t?), then the Sheepadoodle is the perfect choice.

Old English Sheep Dogs

The Old English Sheepdog is one of the oldest breeds of dogs that were originally bred in England. They were originally used to herd sheep, but they’ve had a lot of different jobs over the years.

Today, they’re still used as herding dogs and can also be found in search and rescue teams, therapy programs, and with police and military forces.


The poodle is a water dog, which means it was bred to swim. Poodles are known for their curly coats and upright ears.

The poodle is a member of the Toy dog group, which also includes the Bichon Frise, Beagle, Boston Terrier and Cocker Spaniel.

Originally, poodles were bred to hunt and fish in the marshlands of Germany. They were used to retrieve game from the water and pull nets for fishing.

Poodles are considered a non-sporting breed, but they do have hunting instincts. They will chase small animals, like squirrels and rabbits, if given the opportunity.

Together these two great breeds make one of the hottest new puppies on the market the adorable Sheepadoodle.

If you are looking for a Sheepadoodle breeder with really cute pups, check out Flint Hills Sheepadoodles.