Meet Our Dam & Sire

Our Dam Molly

Molly is a Mini Sheepadoodle. She is a 50%/50% mix of Old English Sheepdog & Miniature Poodle.

She was about 6 pounds when she came home at 8-weeks and is fully grown at 22 pounds, standing 17 inches tall.

She is energetic, happy, fun loving, and loves everyone she meets, two legged and four legged. 

Our Sire Beau

Beau is a pure bred AKC male miniature poodle. He weighs 10 pounds and is 13” tall.

His ancestry is of German descendants of great DNA. Beau is such a lover! Enjoys time to snuggle and show gentle loving affection to everyone he comes into contact with.

He enjoys his overflowing basket of toys during his day of being playful and embracing life as he knows it of being spoiled!

He is always playing with something and chewing on his bones! Beau is such a blessing to us all! A genuine little loving guy with a tender heart of gold.

F1b Micro-Mini Sheepadoodle Pups

Molly and Endy are expecting their first litter in the Spring of 2022.  They will be 75% Poodle and 25% Sheep Dog.

They are expected to weigh between 10-18 pounds. The perfect size for a family pet!

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