Our Breeding Philosophy

We are a boutique breeder and the pups are born and raised in our home as part of our family. We are good stewards of your pup up until the time you are able to take them home to join your family.

We do not allow visitation before the 8-week pick up mark to keep your pup and our dam healthy. 

We pay special attention to the puppies during days 9-16 as a way to help them be resilient dogs. We go through a protocol of holding and working with the pups that helps them form strong stress reduction capabilities.

We are available for your questions so please contact us. We love to connect with our future adoptive parents! 



Sheepadoodle FAQ's

Mini sheepadoodles range from 20-40 pounds depending on the size of their parents.


F1b micro-mini sheepadoodles are under 20 pounds. One parent is a mini sheepadoodle bred with a small poodle.


We are a boutique breeder that enjoys a close relationship with our veterinarian. Our puppies are born and raised in our home and are part of our family until they become part of yours.  Our puppies are visited by a vet twice a week throughout their time with us.


We maintain an adoption list for all our litters. Your first step is to place a non-refundable deposit of $400 which gets you a slot on our current list. When the litter arrives you will be able to make your selection when they are 6-weeks old.

Choosing a puppy is based on a first come-first served basis so if you don’t get a pup from this litter your name will be moved to the next available list.

Our Adoption Application page has all the details of how to place a deposit and get on our adoption list.